Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Okay. I have a new problem. I don't know what a Novemberist is now and it's really bothering me.

See, it all happened because of a song I wrote. It featured the line "See Novemberists in the street". It referred to picketers...I think...but it really bothered me because the next day, I had no idea what a Novemberist was. I didn't question it the night I wrote it because, well, there was meletonin in my brain. In other words, it was late and I was tired. (Note to self: weird and fantastic things happen when I try to write while there is meletonin in my head.)

But the next morning I woke up to read what I'd written that night (see, stuff written late at night or early in the morning usually needs some rewriting to make sure I don't come off in a rather bad way). It was all suitable for inclusion into a song, but I came across the Novemberists line. And I thought, "What the heck is a Novemberist?"

I do know where I got the word. It had to do with Decemberists. As in, the absolutely fantastic modern band that nobody's ever heard of! I basically took the month before December (i.e. November) and made a word out of it.

I asked my friend Sasha, who didn't know what a Novemberist was, but she did know it had to have something to do with Decemberists. I then asked two friends, Rebecca and Stephanie, if they had any idea. Neither of them brought up the Decemberists. Though, Stephanie said, "You wrote it, right? You ought to know what it means." I then stated that I don't know what much of my writing means anyway and I can only decipher a very little of what I write. Rebecca said (jokingly), "Bad songwriter! Bad songwriter! Don't make other people listen to your music until you know what it means!" This I actually found funny.