Friday, November 28, 2008

"I'm a lunatic!"

My sister Becky has taken up a strange new catchphrase. She often walks around the house saying, "I'm a lunatic! Come on, say it with me!" I don't know where she made this up. I have a feeling that I may have influenced it in some way, shape or form, but I never actually said it. It has led to much bemusement on the parts of everyone who lives with her (i.e. me, Mum and Dad).

Mum was interrogating her a bit on this matter today.

Mum: "Who says that?" (thinking it's from a cartoon or movie or something)
Becky: "Me!"
Mum: "Who made it up?"
Becky: "I did!"
Mum: "*laughs* You know, I think it's funny. Not the 'I'm a lunatic part', because I actually don't like it all that much. But it's the 'come on say it with me' that I think it hilarious!"
Becky: "Come on, say it with me!"

That's pretty much how it's been for us.

Monday, November 10, 2008


My sister's hamster, Fluffy, died today. Remember Fluffy? He's the one who looked like a tribble. He died this morning...Becky was really sad about it. She still is. And I think she ought to be. It's really weird, though, because we had that hamster for less than a year. Hamsters generally live a little longer than that...but then again, we don't know how old he was when we first got him.

I just had to get that out of my system...sort of...

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Yes, it's THAT time again. You know what I mean! It's November. And - think - what happens in November? No. I'm not talking about Thanksgiving. Or the anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death. Or even Election Day (although it's happening...). And I'm not even talking about the anniversary of when Nikki and I met!

I mean National Novel Writing Month.

Yes, THAT. The exciting time of the year when, once a year, all silly little writers like myself gather together via the internet to all join in the process of writing a 50,000 page novel in thirty days! Wow! I had a chance to do it last year, but I didn't. Let's just say there was a huge list of reasons why I didn't (they were thus: I was recovering from various things, I was very very busy, and I took my writing seriously then). But now that I'm not recovering from very much, I'm not too busy and I don't take my writing seriously (it's my MUSIC that I take seriously, and even then not all the time), I can do it! Yeah!

Obviously you want to know what my story's about. The working title is "The White Lens of Perception". Yes, a big long title. But a main theme of the story is perception. See, at risk of saying too much, it is about a guy named Harrison (actually his last name) who finds a mysterious door in his house and goes through it, only to find himself in a dream-world that his long lost childhood ex-friend created. And so they're trapped there. And they have to get out. The friend wants to destroy the dream world and start from scratch. Harrison just wants a way out.

I have made remarkably good time in writing this novel. I am 10,000 words in so far. And I'm not even kidding. All I can say is this: I stayed up until midnight last night to see November in. 10,000 words is a fifth of what I have to write. And it's only the second day. Egad!

Stay tuned for further and similar updates!