Friday, June 20, 2008

Random ramble (or - stuff I need to say)

Okay. This is going to be a fairly disjointed and confused entry. But then again, when it's with Pippin herself, do they even come in many other flavors?

Okay. I'm feeling conflicted. I'm going on holiday tomorrow with my grandparents. I have everything I need packed up. Except for an album. You see, I fully intend to get a new album today and not listen to it until I leave. Except - which album? Currently I am pondering "The Madcap Laughs" (by Syd Barrett) or "Space Oddity" (by David Bowie - Oddity, not Odyssey, it's Oddity I say!). Anywho...I got the Space Oddity idea from my friend Nikki, who is into Queen, David Bowie, stuff like that...(She also wants to revive glam rock, and in which case, bravo and good-on-ya!) The Madcap Laughs idea...was my own. Admittedly I am a Pink Floyd fan. I'm also a Syd Barrett fan. I want to try one of his solo albums, see if it's any good at all. Promptly weighing the pros and cons of each, I decided that The Madcap Laughs would make me more reflective. However, it would also depress me. Space Oddity is a cool song, and the album has cool songs on it. I've only heard good things about it (musically). The cons...I don't know exactly what it is. Okay, what the heck, I'm going to get Space Oddity! Give Nikki and I one more thing to talk about! *gets Space Oddity* Okay, now I feel better. Arg! More conflict! I now have Space Oddity but I can't listen to it until TOMORROW! Argh!

Album issues aside, yesterday was an important day for Becky and I. It was TWINKY DAY! You see, Becky's never had a twinky. In her life. So we got a box of twinkies and we each had one. I bestowed the noble honor of the twinky knights upon my sister (to be goofy) and then we dug into our twinkies! Yum! Admittedly it was worse than when I last had it, when I was in preschool.

And today I finally figured out information about our favorite song on the radio. (Us meaning my mum and I.) There's this one song we always hear on our radio station (the one that made me sure that I wanted to be a DJ when I grew up). And our favorite song to hear is called "You May Be Right". We had no idea who it was by or even if that was its real name. But I decided to google some of the lyrics I remembered (i.e. "you may be right", "I may be crazy", "It just may be a lunatic you're after", and "there you are alone in your electric chair"). Mum and I like to call it "electric chair" because of that quirky line. Once, when it was on, I, trying to be funny, said, "You know how that guy wrote that song? You see, he was the guy who took out Pink Floyd's trash. We found some of the unfinished lyrics in Roger Waters' wastebasket. He read 'em, liked 'em, and wrote a full song out of it. Naturally Roger Waters got quite mad at him." Mum said: "How do you find all this out?" (The proper answer is: the great Wikipedia!) I said: "It's not a true story..." By the way, turns out that one guy was...Billy Joel. Oh...

At any rate, I've got a good deal of great new music, and I get to go on holiday tomorrow! This is the great Pippin, signing off!

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