Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oy vey!

Oy vey! It's been a long time since I last wrote here. Lots of stuff has gone on since then. Like what, for example? Well, I've written a new album. Which amazed me, 'cause it took me only four days to write and record ALL the material. I think it's because the arrangements are simpler this time. Mostly it's just me and my guitar. Yeah...I've also written and recorded a brand new song. Actually, two songs. This might not seem so cool, except - they're over 20 minutes long. Yeah! I've decided to stop talking about those legendary progsters and become one myself! Pretty awesome, huh? It's going to be on an album of mine entitled A Round Trip and Back Again. (It's sort of a joke - The Hobbit is also called There and Back Again, and it's sort of a round trip because it starts and ends similarly. Also, it's alphabetical. My first album was called Phoenix, then the next one shall be called Queen of Hearts, and then Round Trip...see? It's the alphabet!)

I will do what I can to record more on here. Partly I feel discouraged because nobody actually reads this stuff that I put up. At least, nobody comments on what I've written! What's wrong with you readers? Comment more! Argh! Comment! Comment! (No I'm kidding...though I'd really appreciate it if more than one person commented.)

Hee hee!

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