Friday, August 22, 2008

How stuff happens

Ever notice how stuff can happen, just spontaneously, and whether you meant it or not, it can change the course of your afternoon, or your week, or possibly your life? That's what happened to me last night and today.

You see, I was playing around with Harrison (my uke) last night, when Becky came into my room and asked what I was doing. So I showed her what I was playing. Just random chords and stuff. Then I began playing We Like the Moon and then I realized it had a real catchy chord progression. So I decided to improvise lyrics to a totally different tune (as though We Like the Moon even HAS a tune). So I did this for a while, and Becky was watching me with rapt attention (at least, I THINK it was rapt attention). And when it was done, I realized I had a nifty song there. So the next day I recorded it. I guess that's how you break songwriter's block. Just improvise random stuff to a random tune and that ought to work.

And yesterday, I announced to Mum that I was bored. So she spontaneously just said, "You want to go to the museum?" Becky and I said sure, so that settled it. We off and went to the museum. Which was fun.

And then there's my Wall of Songs. It's something in the back of my journal. You see, I was bored and loitering in my room yesterday so I looked at the back inner cover of my journal. My journals are just composition books that I get at the store and put cool pictures on the covers of. But the back inner cover is just random junk that they put in composition books. So I wrote Echoes in small lettering on the back. This is Echoes as in the Pink Floyd song. I was not satisfied with this. So I wrote Long Away. And Across the Universe. And Moonage Daydream. And Tangerine. Until I had a whole wall of songs on the back cover. (Well, it seems like a wall to me!) So now, when I'm bored, I can just write a random song title on the back of my book. All born out of spontinaity. (I can't spell that word.)

And I guess that's how stuff happens.

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