Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Give us SparkNotes!

Okay. So I was thinking about SparkNotes today. It's kind of a cool concept, if you know what I mean...little study guides for books you might read in school and stuff...I was looking at their website a while back and saw they have study guides for films, too. (Star Wars was one of them, which I found rather funny.)

Except then I thought about it - and then I realized. SparkNotes doesn't have guides on the pieces of art that truly matter. Namely I'm talking about stuff like "Tommy" and "The Wall".

Nope, I'm not kidding. SparkNotes should make a series of books on famous rock operas. I say this because they could actually occasionally be useful. No kidding. A friend of mine who graduated college a while ago told me that once, they had the students do a little lesson-thing on The Wall. Yeah, like the Pink Floyd album. It actually was the Pink Floyd album. And then they made them watch the movie. Yeah...I made a little joke to her about how The Wall is either a piece of genius, horribly depressing, or Roger Waters whining about his life instead of getting one. (If by some random chance Roger Waters is reading this - I apologize and hope he doesn't take it as anything more than a joke.)

So seriously, SparkNotes should make little guides to stuff like The Wall, or Tommy. Tommy's practically a classic as it is! There should seriously be a series of SparkNotes books on albums. If somehow they could figure out a way to do albums that weren't just rock operas, then I'll bet they ought to try something like Sgt. Pepper's. Seriously! Somebody ought to make up this stuff before I get to it. Naah, then I get to say it's my idea. But honestly! They should do that!

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