Monday, August 18, 2008

Venting my frustration.

I went to Office Depot today, after waiting all week for Mum to take me. I had some gift cards, and I had no idea how much was on them. I was hoping a lot. I was pleased to discover that they had 17 bucks on 'em. Now, I wanted to get an iPod card with them, and since I was feeling rich I got two. I tried to buy them along with a special plastic box to put my CD's in (I store my little treasures under my bed), except then I discovered you can't buy iPod cards with gift cards. Very upset, I paid for one in cash and used the card on my box.

I then got the idea to give mum the cards to buy a keyboard for our new computer if she took the cards, which she did. There was some confusion however, it was so confusing I won't get into now. So I was upset because I was of the impression mum was mad at me. In the car she convinced me she wasn't. I went home happy.

I got home and I tried to use the cards. One of them supposedly wasn't valid. (Don't ask me why, it looked totally valid to me.) The other one wasn't activated by the fellow at Office Depot. I was first mad, then I got upset and started crying. I told mum what happened. Now, maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but you have to remember, I was looking forward to getting those cards all week, and they'd cost me $30 (which doesn't seem like a lot to some but is nearly a fortune to me). And now I couldn't use the bloody things. Mum, who has infinitely more patience than I do, decided she'd try to figure out my technological issues. And viola! She got one of the cards to work. The other one still has yet to be activated. We might see about that tonight. I doubt it though. Mum's having issues with another computer. It won't work. I don't know everything about it as I don't want to get into her problems. (It'd make her mad I fancy.) If we have any luck we might get our problems solved tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Hopefully within the week. It's Monday.

Anyway, I decided that if the other one didn't work that was no problem, I could just work for money to get myself another one. I am trying to convince myself that money is absolutely nothing and is no object of any kind. But it is, alas. So I used my iPod card that I already had to buy an album, The Six Wives of Henry the Eight. It is a very good album, even if it's all instrumentals. No problem of any kind! (Heck, if Rick Wakeman is the fellow singing in the background of some Yes songs, then maybe I don't want to hear his voice.) Though, Catharine of Aragon sounds a lot like a song I composed (which oddly enough is similarly titled as Aragorn Rhapsody.) Perhaps I shouldn't be so sad, as I got to meet with my best friend today, and we spent four hours of nonstop fun together. Life is admittedly good.

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