Friday, August 01, 2008

Largely concerning dogs.

Well, I'm back. I had a brilliant time on holiday, and guess what? Bears came through our campsite every night! I didn't see them because I was sleeping, though. The last night there, however, I did see a bear near the dumpsters!

However, that's not the main purpose of my discussion today. (Yeah right...) I was reading Fruits Basket and thinking about Shigure. He's a dog (literally), and I'm a dog on the Chinese zodiac. I think two of my best friends are, too...they're both 14, like me. (One of my friends I'm not sure about, I'll have to ask her.) I decided I wanted to refer to this in a song I could write, but I was also curious about other things. Apparently there are months assosiated with each animal, so I wanted to know which animal's month I was born in. I was born in May, and according to Wikipedia (which I trust for accuracy, so sad), May, the fifth month, is assosiated with the snake. This made me think of Ayame from Fruits Basket...this is a bit unusual, as I have some Ayame-like tendencies. (Hopefully you know what I mean when I use that word...) So the symbolic thing in my song became a "serpent-dog" (dog's year, snake's month). This actually sounds fairly cool.

Then my curiosity got out of hand. I became curious about what year the members of Queen were born in. (One of these days I'm going to do it for the members of all my favorite bands, just you wait...) I discovered, to my surprise, that Freddie Mercury is (was) a dog, too. I've always felt a certain, oh, let's say kinship with Freddie (I once wondered if, were there such a thing as reincarnation, I might be his reincarnation), and the fact that we're both dogs strengthened this feeling. So anyway - I decided I'd put him in the song. (An unusual fact - during this searching, I discovered that Skandar Keynes, who acts as Edmund in the Narnia films, was born on Freddie's birthday in the year he died. Perhaps I shouldn't be the one thinking I'm his reincarnation...)

Then I got interested in what month and what element Freddie turned out to be and ended up that his month of birth was the month of the rabbit. A serpent-dog and a rabbit-dog. This is all interesting of course. His element turned out to be fire, and mine was wood. A wood-dog and a fire-dog paint some very cool images in my head. All this is going to end up in my songs! Hopefully...

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