Friday, July 04, 2008

Yay! 4th of July! (and other stuff)

Guess what? Today's the Fourth of July! So happy fourth everybody! Yay! And if you're from England or something - you can vicariously celebrate it with me! Yay!

Anyway...I haven't actually DONE anything for the Fourth yet. We're going to go to my aunt's house for a party. This should be fun. Almost everybody related to us comes to her house (and a couple people who aren't related), and we all swim in her pool and do fun stuff and eat and act like demented monkeys and stuff...yeah...that should be pretty fun. PLus my family and I are going to go see the film Wally. Or is that spelled Wall-E? What a stupidly "creative" spelling...oh well...perhaps the film shall be better than its title.

I've also decided that my fascination with rock and roll is more than, well, just a fascination. It's an addiction. Seriously. I discussed this with Mark, my bass teacher, and we realized I exhibit the symptoms of an addiction. I tried stopping for a day, and I ended up going through withdrawal. Also, I feel an intensive need to get more of it. I used to do one a week. Now I will get lots in one day. Like yesterday. I went and got Fragile (by Yes) at Fry's (Mum told me they sell albums; we went there. It is a glorious haven of beautiful classic rock. Seriously.) And then we went to the library, where I compulsively checked out three more.

And...I was going to say something else...I can't remember it...Oh yeah. Once, I was at church, and there was this kid, and he looked familiar to me. And I couldn't remember why, except then it dawned on me. He looked just like Roger Daltry. From the Who. Yeah...and also I have a friend who looks just like Rick Wakeman from Yes. of these days I'm going to tell him that...maybe...and I like pretending that I look like John Deacon (which is partially not a good thing as I'm a girl)...yeah...weird stuffses...

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