Monday, May 26, 2008


Guess what? Yesterday was my birthday. Well, not my official birthday (which is tomorrow), but we had the party yesterday.

My party was a lot of fun. I got mobbed three times by my friends, but I still had a bunch of fun. We played lots of games, including "Mad Gab". Which was fun. Especially because I got to make up my own phrase for it ("Him a grin song" - guess what it is). Then we opened presents. One of cousins played something of a joke on me. She bought me Abbey Road (which I already have), with the gift receipt taped to it. I have full intention of going and exchanging it for an album I don't have. Other things I got were speakers and a dock to put my iPod in (so I can play it aloud in my room), more gift cards than I need, a butter dish (from my uncle who kidnapped me and helped me ask for a butter dish at the video store), and - a very ugly statuette of a duck. My dad gave me that one. We call it the "ugly duck" (say ugly like oogly, like you've got a British accent or something), and it used to live in a furniture store near our house. Whenever we took a walk, we'd go over to that store and admire its ugliness. It's a red duck with two left feet, and it's holding a bouquet of fake green flowers. It is tacky. Truly. I was half excited, half angry to have gotten it. Though I thanked mum and dad anyway. In revenge, however, I put the duck on the stairs that lead to mum and dad's bedroom.

So I had a lovely day yesterday, and today's my last day of being thirteen. Fourteen, here I come!

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