Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pippin's got a gig!

Torch, the band I'm in, has its first gig today. We get to play for a bunch of kids at our church, which ought to be fun. In fact, it would be great...provided I didn't have a sore throat and I have to sing. Everyone (except the ever-so-busy drummer) has to sing in our band, and I'm no exception, even when I'm busy playing bass. I ate a waffle and peanut butter this morning, and I suppose it has medicinal qualities, as my throat felt better after consuming it. I wonder, was it the waffle part or the peanut butter part that helped me most? Who cares.

I'll update this when I return from my gig, to tell everyone how it went. 


Okay, I got back from my gig. It was pretty good. I mean, we weren't perfect, and David (our singer-slash-keyboardist) wouldn't stop talking while my dad was doing the sound checks, so there was this bad rumbling noise throughout the whole thing. I intend to have a long talk with him next time I see him. Gino, our drummer, was probably the best of us. Sadie (the guitarist) made a mistake during our last song, and we almost messed up, and I, who was supposed to sing, didn't sing throughout the whole thing (plus I hit some bad notes on my bass). Gino didn't do anything wrong, and (shame on us), he was the only one who thanked Dad for setting up everything. But hey, it's a good start. Also, Gino and his mum videotaped the whole thing. We're going to see about putting it up on YouTube. Hey, didn't you hear? We're the next big thing in music!

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