Saturday, May 24, 2008


Since my birthday is tomorrow (well, not really; it's really on the 27th, but we're having the party tomorrow), my Aunt Diane, Uncle Gary and Cousin Jhenya (Jhenya's not their daughter, by the way) decided to do something fun with me. They're rather strange people, though, with a strange sense of humor. So, they played a round of ding-dong-ditchit with me, and I found a long piece of cardboard, like a poster, in front of the door. It had gnomes taped to it (yes, real garden-gnomes; they know I hate gnomes), and it basically said "We are kidnapping you!" Then they came, wearing bizarre little animal noses (you know, those fake animal noses that you wear on a string in front of your real nose) and other paraphenalia. They blindfolded me and took me into their car. Except then I realized I needed my shoes. So my mum came with my shoes, and I had to put them on blindfolded, and I kept yelling for my raincoat (there was no need for a raincoat).

Properly dressed, I was ushered into the car, and they drove off with me, taking me to who-knows-where. I pretended to be able to see without my eyes, and I pretended I knew what they were doing. My sister (who had come along) got rather a kick out of this. And then I started pretending to scream out the window. Then I began a rendition of "They're Coming to Take me Away, Ha-Haa!" All while blindfolded.

Finally we got to where we were going. Apparently they were taking me to a mall-type place, with a bunch of stores, restaurants, a cinema, ect. We went to a pet store, where we looked at puppies and hamsters, and then they took me on a ferris wheel that was there! It was so fun! And then we went to have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, which was fun. We all said weird things at the table (funny weird things). After that, I insisted they take me to Barnes and Noble, so I went into the CD section and started looking at all the CD's. Then Jhenya and I started talking about long songs, and we realized how rediculously long 23 minutes is for a song. We left, but after persistent badgering in the car that we do so, they took me to a video store. I did not tell them why, but finally when we were there, I informed them that I had the intention to ask the people who worked there if they had any butter dishes. I did so, and to great comic effect. And then they took me home.

As you can see, it was a great deal of fun. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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